RV Park & Campground Booking
With RVSpotDrop Partners

Get Reservations for Unfilled RV Sites & Cancellations

Our Mission: Maximize Campground Reservation Revenue!

As a new, growing service our top priority is creating relationships with top-rated campgrounds & resorts like yours.

Empty sites & cancellations means lost revenue, and we want to help your campground thrive. We make it easy for our partner campgrounds & RV parks: no integrations, no new systems, no set up.

How Campground Booking with RVSpotDrop Works

  1. You message us when you have an unfilled site or cancellation.
  2. RVSpotDrop sends an availability alert email to our members who want a site in your area.
  3. RVers book the reservation directly through your website & booking platform

Benefits of Becoming a RVSpotDrop Campground Partner

boost revenue

Boost Revenue

Boost your bottom line revenue by filling unsold campsites that would otherwise sit vacant.

Complete Flexibility

Control your rates, inventory, and booking process. You let RVSpotDrop know your availability and we’ll take care of the rest.

Low Cost customer Acquisition

Capture a new client in your vicinity for a fraction of what it might cost. We finds customers FOR you for a fraction of the cost.

Campground Partner Pricing

For campgrounds and RV resorts who join our first partners list, campground booking with RVSpotDrop is free for the first 6 months! While we plan to eventually charge a commission fee per a booking, our first partners can try an RVSpotDrop partnership at absolutely no cost and with zero commitment. That’s because our goal is to provide value and form great relationships with top-rated campgrounds and RV parks as we grow our membership. You have nothing to lose by trying us out!

Becoming a RVSpotDrop Partner is Easy. Apply in 2 Minutes!